Frequently Asked Questions

Kiddsbayers can range from the age of 3 up to 17!
All kids can be Kiddsbayers! Does your kid already has an entrepreneurial spirit? Do they have a unique talent? A passion to make a difference? Or even just a pure drive & motivation to try new things If yes, then they may already have a business idea. Yet, regardless if they do or don’t, the Kiddsbay Business Map will help all kids get started in coming up with ideas, creating and launching a business.
The Business Map is a step by step journey that kids complete, getting them started on creating a business. A completed Business Map is much like a roadmap for kids to follow in accomplishing their goals.
Any passions or skills whatsoever can become a business – for instance, painting, baking, gardening or even dog walking! Talk to friends and family for ideas, or check out our Kiddsbayer’s profiles!
Not at all! Once kids begin their Kiddsbay journey and learn fundamental business acumen skills, they can then turn their business into something more unique, simply by tapping into these developed skills & passions.
Missions are tasks helping kids complete responses to their Business Map. Challenges encourage learning-by-doing and also give kids the opportunity to test their business idea and to plan and prepare for the launch of their business.
We have established a double platform usage where adults can log in as themselves and track their kids progress in completing steps and in approving challenges.
Once an adult account is created, you can create your first kid account. Additional kids’ accounts can be created from the Adult Dashboard.
Our bot Marvin is around for any questions that arise whilst your kid is using Kiddsbay. Otherwise if it’s something Marvin cannot resolve or it is a more technical issue, there is a feedback button on the site where you can leave us a message. You can also contact us at
Kiddsbay is a platform that develops fundamental financial literacy skills in kids, giving them a greater understanding of real life, what it means to save and spend, and how to get started in running a business.
Kids can create real businesses and earn real money. However If the activities are: irregular, small in size and scale, not carried out in an organised manner, conducted in your spare time and mostly for your own satisfaction, then depending on where you reside, this may be considered a hobby. If this is the case, then you may not have to register a business. Please refer to your government's website for rules and seek independent tax advice if you are unsure.
Financial literacy is an essential skill allowing kids to come to a better understanding of what money is and how it’s used in a real life setting. It is crucial that kids grasp this concept as it allows for greater financial independence and is to their future benefit.
As long as kids need to ensure that the map reflects their passions accurately! Each step will take a different amount of time to complete, depending on the kid completing it. We similarly encourage kids to complete missions and challenges offline. Remember: The Business Map is not intended to be completed in one go!
We live in an ever-changing society where the traditional route to success no longer cuts it. We want kids to have the option to be more innovative and creative in their pursuits – following through with passions and with what inspiring them, rather than what they are inherently taught by a job-focused society.
After a step is completed a new step will open up. Once all steps for the level are completed, there will be a challenge to be completed unlocking the next level (completed challenges must be approved by adults).
Once all steps and challenges have been completed, kids are considered to have completed the Kiddsbay Business Map. They can then go back and edit their responses any time.
From the Adult’s Dashboard, you can approve the challenges completed by your kids!
Business Launch as a feature is in production and coming soon. Watch this space!