Who is Australia’s prime minister going to be in 50 years time?

This is something impossible to predict – precisely because that someone is likely still in primary or high school and is yet to be known nation-wide for their achievements.

Yet this is a matter of importance, so why aren’t we working harder to ensure our kids are ready to take on a matter of responsibility so large?

How do we do this? We can start by ensuring all kids receive the kind of education that sets them up effectively for success both in the workforce and out in the world.

What should this involve? First and foremost, the teaching of kids about financial literacy and business acumen. This is particularly important as these areas of study are at present entirely lacking within the current school curriculum.

This way kids are educated on a wider range of topics, that are not only beneficial in day-to-day life but can allow for a clearer, more business minded perspective, not often developed in kids from a young age.

Now this sounds all well and good, but how can this be achieved? Our online community Kiddsbay is how.

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Ellie McRae