Kiddsbay is a community platform with one key objective.

To make education an equal playing field for kids everywhere.

No kid should feel as if they have a lesser opportunity to achieve their dreams, goals or ambitions. Nor should there be discrimination in learning when it comes to class, race and religion

Although equality is a large and possibly (to some) far-fetched objective, we at Kiddsbay want to put 100% of our resources, time and energy towards making it happen.

How do we aim to achieve this?

One kid at a time.

Every kid that betters his or her education through the comprehension of financial literacy and/or business acumen – is a kid that can work towards a brighter future for kids everywhere.

Hence, we intend to ensure that every kid that signs up with Kiddsbay is given an equal opportunity to thrive and learn within a safe, community environment.

Anything is possible, especially if we believe it to be so and don’t stop working until we see the change we aspire to.

If this sounds like a community in which your kid would thrive, why wait?

Sign up your kids today, to see a change in tomorrow.


Ellie McRae