Parents, what would you write in a letter to yourself as an 8-year-old kid?

Would you tell them to dream bigger?

To dream louder? To try harder?

Would you have told them to work towards a 9 – 5 job at an office?

Or to run and play and find what they love to do and make that their main priority or maybe even their career?

Yes, it seems crazy to look back and to tell your past self what they should and shouldn’t be doing. But, think of it this way.

Are you doing something you as an 8-year-old would have dreamed or aspired to do? Maybe it is! In which case, you’re probably in the minority.

On the large, we don’t follow our childish whims into adulthood purely because they don’t seem realistic or doable in the ‘real world.’

But what if we at Kiddsbay told you that your 8-year-old son or daughter now, could in fact turn a passion into a future?

You’d probably say we were barking mad, but guess what?!

We at Kiddsbay are working towards just that.

We want kids today to be able to aspire to their dreams and pursue their hobbies turning them into profitable enterprises.

Sound good? Sound crazy? It is. It’s also possible.

Sign up today.


Ellie McRae