Nearly gone are the days where kids version of fun was climbing trees and adventuring in the great outdoors (otherwise known as their backyards!)

These days, the greater exposure kids have to the new era of digital entertainment means old-fashioned fun and games have been all but forgotten. 

This poses its benefits – in teaching kids on how to use modern technology – but also has a serious downside.

The downside being that kids are forgetting the spirit of hard work and are instead relying on instant gratification.

So, the team at Kiddsbay is posing a response to this.

Instead of banning our kids from the technology that fuels them, we want them to make use of it – in a way that is constructive to working towards their passions.

Kiddsbay is an online community where kids can learn fundamental skills such as that of financial literacy, instilling the value of working hard in achieving goals and aspirations.

So, as kids learn how save, invest and spend effectively as well as managing their own business, they can learn how to best utilise their abilities for success. 

Want to ensure that your kids are using technology for good?

Kiddsbay can help.

Sign up today.


Ellie McRae