What are the 3 most important attributes a kid can have?


We believe all kids should be brave enough to make mistakes and then learn from them afterwards. No goals are achieved through admitting defeat and we at Kiddsbay want kids to take this message on and follow through with whatever ambitions they have, turning them into success stories!


No success story was written overnight. Everything worth achieving takes work and patience. Kids with patience can learn a great deal more than those who choose to rush into plans without goals or direction. Slow and steady wins the race!


Everyone has a bad day now and then, and it may seem like the time to give up or move on…. But like perseverance, positivity is a key skill kids can acquire to ensure that no matter the situation they keep moving forward, keeping a smile on their face all the while.  

We at Kiddsbay want to ensure kids make the most out of being kids, and these three skills (of many!) can help them get there – as can we.

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Ellie McRae